Personal Photography Session
I remember, I have made a mistake nearly 2 years ago. When I staring the girls in Erasmus time. I can not realize that M. can be the perfect model for any photography session. When I realize that truth, It was too late for everything. And I said to M. "Why I didn't mind to take your photos?" She respond nicely and she said "Don't worry we can make on future when you will come Spain again". And my 2 years long reservation has started at that time. When I come back to Spain, I just tell to M. that I came again and willing to do photo session. Then The bad news comes from her. She were planning to move to Costa Rica. I don't believe the destiny but somebody push me to believe that. After for a while at last sunny days in Barcelona, I got the news from M. again. She said she is gonna turn back to Spain and wants to live at Barcelona. Perhaps that was the last chance for us. But the better chance, because 2 years ago I wasn't able to took a good photographs and don't have enough equipment. But this time I returned back with being more professional.
We had last 2 sunny days in Barcelona, and we should be really organised for our last chance. M. was perfect, lights were ready, bateries were full, sd disks were empty, but upps I needed somebody to assist me. Because It was difficult to arrange the lights while have a strong wind and shy sun which hides behind the clouds. I tried to reach my colleque Jasper, But I couldn't. While we are struggle with to make photo session. Jasper come by himself to that place without calling him. Now I believed the destiny. I think I only believe the destiny which is not against me :)
We made a second day and the all results are perfect. Anyway It is impossible not to have the perfect results with the gorgeous M. She looks and poses so professional but she was shy while the people were staring us. Not us, her. I don't think they are interested with the photographer beside this supermodel. It was really great to work with her. We spend really funny and creative times. If one day she would be famous, I can be proud to took her photos for free.
Special Thanks to Jasper Blockx to be our perfect light :D Without him for sure I would fight with the wind and be mad about everything. He saved our live. We appreciate to you Jasper!

And It is not finished yet. We are gonna make so many other sessions. This was just the beginning... Keep following us!

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